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Aram Kimia Padayar company uses the latest technology owned by Bright Spark company in the Netherlands to produce TERMECA
About Us

Aram Kimiya Paydar Co. was established in 2022 with the strategy of improving the access and benefit of all communities from sustainable health in Iran. based on this company's strategy, many problems in developing countries are caused by a lack of sanitation. Since the axis of sustainable development is a healthy person and human health depends on the benefit of good health, it is impossible to achieve the development and well-being of society without the use of effective technologies in promoting personal and public health.

Aram Kimia company uses the latest technology that belongs to Bright Spark company in the Netherlands for the production of its product TERMECA. This company has provided the latest technology for the production of disinfection devices based on hypochlorous acid as well as the formulation of disinfectant products to Aram Kimia (as one of the shareholders) to use modern technology and take advantage of the facilities and experiences of domestic specialists. The country should ensure access of all society to a healthy life.

One of the main ingredients in TERMECA is Hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl is a neutral disinfectant and is used in many modern industries around the world due to its organic nature, strength, safety and non-toxicity. Hypochlorous acid is naturally produced by the white blood cells of all mammals to destroy invading microbial pathogens and plays an important role in killing pathogens in the body's immune system through oxidation.

TERMECA has proved that it has better functions than HOCl, sodium hypochlorite (or chlorine bleach), Vitex and alcohol for disinfecting and inactivating bacteria, and unlike the dangers of chemical disinfectants for human health, it is one of the safest substances.

TERMECA is produced industrially through a process called electrolysis. When electricity passes through sodium chloride solution, electrolysis water is produced and this process eventually leads to the production of stable hypochlorous acid Plus.

The most used applications of TERMECA are for direct hygiene of food, hygiene and contact surfaces with food, and also today for disinfection of equipment in health care, wound care, as well as the general health of medical centres (medical and dental). It is widely used in industries related to animal husbandry, poultry farming, agriculture and water purification and disinfection.

Our technology

In the past, hypochlorous acid production systems were mostly associated with membrane cell electrolysis. In this method, high pressures are used to create two acid flows (anolyte) and alkaline flow (catalysis) to produce two disinfectant products, hypochlorous acid and a bleaching agent. The use of the system was expensive and the produced product could not be stored for a long time, and the product was also unstable, which means that it lost its ORP (oxidation-reduction) potential in a short period.

With the development of single-cell technology (reactor), the single-cell electrolysis system was gradually used to produce hypochlorous acid. In the single-cell electrolysis system, due to not using high pressures between the membranes and also not creating two opposite currents with the potential to reduce oxidation and pH, hypochlorous acid is produced with the possibility of long-term storage and more stability.

But the problem of these single-cell systems is that in this method, an acidified salt water is used and only a solution in the range of pH 4.5-6.5 is produced, which in terms of stability and efficiency as a disinfectant is up to It is somewhat reliable.

 Aram Kimia uses the latest technology owned by Bright Spark company in the Netherlands to produce TERMECA.

By inventing a Mixed Oxidant Reactor using pure salt and without chemical additives, the bright spark company was able to produce TERMECA with a pH range of 7-7.5 for the first time.

The main difference between TERMECA and other products based on hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is that this product is in the alkaline range and after dilution, it moves towards the neutral pH range and becomes stable hypochlorous.

Therefore, due to having a neutral charge, TERMECA will be activated in the required amount in the face of bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds, micro-organisms and biofilms, and the rest will remain in the system for a certain period for the next activity.

Aram Kimiya Paydar company uses the latest technology owned by the company Bright Spark in the Netherlands to manufacture TERMECA.

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