Disinfection of dental clinics

TERMECA can be used as an effective disinfectant for the dental clinic environment, surfaces and equipment for the safety of the users and patients. Also, it is a suitable mouthwash for eliminating microbes in dental surgeries such as root canals, implants, etc.
Disinfection of dental clinics

Usually, dentists use disposable tools and supplies such as suction device caps, mouthwash cups, plastic covers such as unit covers, gloves, syringe needles, and esthetic cartridges after each patient visit but non-disposable items must be sterilized in several steps.

Dental items (dental tools, devices, and equipment), like medicine, are classified into two categories of critical and semi-critical items:

Critical or high-risk items used to penetrate soft tissue or bone have the highest risk of infection transmission and should be sterilized by autoclaving. (such as surgical instruments, periodontal scaling, scalpel blades and, surgical dental burs) in these cases, they first use a suitable antiseptic solution in the dental equipment washing machine, and after rinsing, the equipment is placed in the autoclave machine, which is protected from heat, and uses steam and high pressure to sterilize them.

Subcritical or moderate-risk items come into contact with healthy mucous membranes or skin and have a lower risk of transmission. Since most of the semi-critical items in dentistry (such as dental mirrors, amalgam condensers, reusable dental impression trays) are heat-resistant, they should be sterilized using high-level disinfectant solutions such as glutaraldehyde, peroxide Hydrogen, alcohols (ethyl, isopropyl), quaternary ammonium chloride and phenolics should be disinfected next to the autoclave.

As it was said about medical equipment disinfection solutions, regarding dental equipment, one should be careful in choosing these solutions according to the type of infections, the texture of the surface used, the safety of the user and the patient, as well as the waste management of these solutions. 

TERMECA is not only used as a disinfectant for the dental office and its equipment but also as a suitable mouthwash (with a free chlorine concentration of 80ppm and a pH between six and seven) to eliminate the microbes in dental surgeries.
Therefore, dentists can use TERMECA with the mentioned concentration in the tank of their dental unit.

Aram Kimiya company uses exclusively the latest technology owned by the company Bright Spark in the Netherlands to manufacture TERMECA.

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